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House No. 1 Edgecliff Rd

  • Currently unavailable due to renovations


House No. 2 South Head


STANDARD TWIN SHARE ROOM (only 2 people per room) 

  • Price per person from $240 to $290 per week
  • Depending on season and length of stay
  • Please fill out the enquiry form for a quote


DELUXE TWIN SHARE ROOM (with own bathroom with toilet & shower, only 2 people per room) 

  • Price per person from $270 to $320 per week
  • Depending on season and length of stay
  • Please fill out the enquiry form for a quote



  • Price per person from $300 to $350 per week
  • Depending on season and length of stay
  • Please fill out the enquiry form for a quote


Minimum stay 4 weeks


Accommodation Terms & Conditions

General rules & information

  1. We want you to have a great stay with us, in a safe and friendly environment.
  2. Kitchen duty: We all take turns in the evening to make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy.
  3. Kitchen closes at 10pm.
  4. Our common areas (kitchen, garden, smoking area and surrounding areas) close at 10.00pm every night.
  5. We ask that our residents keep noise down10.00pm.
  6. You may drink alcohol if it is done responsibly.
  7. Smoking allowed outside in the designated smoking area
  8. We have a zero tolerance for violence, racism, sexual harassment or any other form of unsocial behavior.
  9. Fire hazards: no cooking in rooms, no toasters, candles, fan heaters etc.
  10. Do not stick any photos, stickers or anything else to walls, fridges etc.


  1. Check-in times are during our  NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS  Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.
  2. Your room will be ready at the latest by 3pm.

Rent and Financials

  1. For advance overseas bookings:  the first 2 weeks tariff must be paid prior to commencement of stay to confirm your booking.
  2. Besides your first 2 weeks rent, you will pay a $400 cash security deposit on arrival.
  3. Rent is always to be paid in advance.

Giving notice (letting us know 2 weeks in advance when you leave) - Extension of stay

  1. For contracts with a confirmed departure date:  If you leave early you will be charged $30 per week for cutting your contract short. If you change your departure date then we need 2 weeks notice as well.
  2. For contracts with no confirmed departure date:  We will automatically extend your stay until notification. You need to give us 2 weeks notice before you leave.
  3. All notice must be in writing to
  4. If you don’t give us two weeks notice you will be charged part of your security deposit:                                                                    - 7 days or less notice: $150       - 8-13 days notice: $100
  5. If you leave before your first 4 weeks stay with us (minimum stay) you forfeit all of your paid rent and security deposit to Junction Accommodation.

Check-out and deposit return

  1. Check-out time is 10am.
  2. Any check-outs outside our normal business hours must be agreed upon with management.
  3. We ask you to leave your room as clean and tidy as you found it when you moved in.
  4. If the room is not sufficiently clean and tidy cleaning charges apply.
  5. Check-out of a shared room: If you are moving out of a shared room the same rules apply, we ask you to give us back a clean and tidy room.
  6. Once everything is sorted, keys are returned and there are no outstanding issues you will get your security deposit back, we say goodbye or see you later and wish you good luck for your further journey!

Fees and Charges

  1. You don’t pay for water, electricity or gas.
  2. Wi-Fi is available for less than $1 per day.
  3. Our washing machines are coin operated.
  4. Junction Accommodation doesn’t cover any bank transfer fees or costs for exchange rates.
  5. Lost key replacement $60
  6. Not giving 2 weeks notice $100 / $150
  7. Cutting contract short $30 per week

Term and Tenanc

  1. Guests must understand that there are times the management may require them to change rooms or houses for certain reason, for example if you are in a twin share room and your roommate leaves before you.
  2. If you are in a share room by yourself you must keep it clean and tidy.
  3. Your tariff is a rental payment for yourself only

Behaviour, Cleanliness and Safety Guidelines

  1. If you or your visitors behave in a way which results in justified complaints from other guests, Junction Accommodation staff, neighbours, the council or the police, you may be asked to leave, in serious cases on the same day (termination of contract).
  2. The house rules are applicable for your entire stay including your last few days and nights.
  3. If you activate a smoke alarm and sprinklers you have to pay the full cost of a call out fee charged by the local Fire Brigade (about $600) as well as any other incurring costs.
  4. No fan heaters allowed, only oil heaters may be used in our properties. People using fan heaters will be charged $100 from their deposit.
  5. Hallways must remain free and clear at all times for fire safety.
  6. If there are any problems with house mates please let us know, we will keep this private and confidential.


  1. In the event of the accommodation company terminating your stay due to inappropriate behaviour, Junction Accommodation Pty Ltd has the right to withhold the full amount of tariff and deposit and you may be asked to strictly stay off the premises in the future.

Staff living on premises

  1. In each house there is a house captain living on the premises.
  2. All guests will comply with all reasonable requests from the house captain in relation to house rules, cleanliness and behaviour.